it's jed clark


It sounds like Arkansas. It's not polished enough to be James Taylor and it's not LA enough to be John Mayer. It's not Florida enough to be Tom Petty and it's not smooth enough to be Tony Rice. Somewhere in the lovechild of all those different sounds is what you'd call Jed Clark.

Growing up in Arkansas around the tradition of bluegrass music with early influences in the progressive rock sounds of the late 2000s Jed constructed his ideas for what "sounded good." Placing flatpicking influences from Tony Rice into melodies that might be more reminiscent of Petty or Mayer, Jed intertwines a distinctly southern sound with emotions that aren't limited to any part of the world.

There is an honesty that connect's Jed's songs to the human experience. Life's all-to-common painful experiences are soothed by melodic reminders that we all go through heartaches and dark nights of the soul. Like all music, it's best experienced for yourself :)