1. Away From Me
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Away From Me

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This was a prophetic song about a relationship I had in the past. I actually wrote the entire song before I even started dating the girl. Weird how that happens . . .

Released September 2, 2022

Guitar & Vocals : Jed Clark
Mandolin : Harry Clark
Fiddle : Christian Ward
Upright Bass : Jeff Partin

Recorded at Jake Stargel's place in November 2021

© all rights reserved


it's to warm to be november
last time i felt this good i can't remember
hope it's not 'cause of you
that i'm better than ever
cause if it's the case i might need you forever

words on a page seem to make me feel better
theres no guarantee but i got nothing better
are you a section of time
or will you be always
are you the thing that is missing from my days

and i'm puttin' myself through hell again
i can't seem to get out of this pattern i'm in
conveniently just outta reach
i don't know why i keep you so far away from me

you're so far away you're only an image
a picture in my head thats all i get
i hope you're ok yeah our lives are so different
i'm tempted to go but it's pushin' my limits

and i'd like to be with you but i like where i am i may just end up by myself again keep you conveniently just outta reach i don't know why i keep you so far away from me

let's just call it off i'm not afraid of commitment
or maybe i am cause i'm scared of what this is
please don't cry god why do i do this
yeah i should've know this is how it always ends

we'll both bleed for a bit then we'll try again
yeah hearts can get broken but i guess they can mend
maybe love ain't so far outta reach
why does it always seem so far away from me

why do i keep you so far away
why do i want it so far away
i'm sorry i pushed you so far away from me