From the recording I Don't Think You Will

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I Don't Think You Will

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this is a song about a girl that didn't care

Recorded at Jake Stargel's house on December 3rd 2023


you know the time i go to sleep
you’re aware of the schedule, that I try to keep
i wish you’d call me but I don’t think you want to
so i don’t think you will

i haven’t heard much from you in a while
its hard to sleep when I think about your smile
thought you respected me, but now i don’t think you do
and i don’t think you will

word on the street is you’re in town
but you’re too busy for me and thats really got me down
i'd hoped you’d hurt for me the way I hurt for you
but I don’t think you do

Jesus forgives me this i know is true
and He tells me that i should forgive you
my heart is broken but i know you’re broken too
so i think i will